Summer sneaks up on us every single year and most of us are not ready for it.

If you are like most people, feeling confident in a bathing suit is a challenge. We are here to make that challenge less scary and enable you to reach your goals the right way.

Any time you decide to make a change in your life you need to have a clear picture of exactly you are aiming for. Visualize the most perfect healthy version of yourself that could be. Once you have that Image clearly defined, it’s time to set the goal steps to get you there.

The Steps

1: Hydration is Key

Water is necessary for every cell in your body and especially when you are dieting and working out. Drink up!

2: Get up and Get moving!

Exercise is vital to health and for weight maintenance, loss or gains. Body transformation requires motivation and consistency. Muscle doesn’t build overnight nor does fat melt. But if you put in the work and keep going, it will happen. Working with a personal trainer who can set a workout plan for you and your body type and goals can help get you to your goals.

3: Get Your Macronutrients on Point
Summer is a great time to raise that nutritional bar. Hot summer weather is a great match for lighter meals. Lean meats, fresh vegetables, and wonderful side dishes along with sparkling calorie-free beverages can satisfy your cravings while building and getting you lean.

Yo-yo diets don’t work

The standardly accepted 3 meals a day can actually cause your metabolism to slow down.

Eating the right mix of protein and carbohydrates along with fruits and vegetables in the right portions 4-5 times a day will jump your metabolism. You do not have to starve to lose or maintain weight. That is a myth. Food is fuel.

No matter what your desired outcome, The Healthy Chef Florida can help. We take the work out of eating healthy.

Stop feeling uncomfortable at the pool and enjoy Florida the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Give us a call today to get started on your own customized personal meal plan. 239-288-4726 or visit us at

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